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I favour close creative relationships with a few clients, I am as committed to the final image as you are. I am not interested in competing with 'The Big Boys' in terms of services or facilities but I am interested in competing on standard of work, commitment and service. Your work means more to me than it does to the average 'Operator'.

If you want to be more than just one of the masses and want someone to take time and care over your work, get in touch. I'll go that extra mile with you.


  • Digital manipulation and retouching services of stills for the photographic and advertising industries.
  • Give me a suitable transparency, negative, print or digitised image and I'll take things from there.
  • Making your vision a reality is my business!
  • My background is photography, so I know how you think and the problems you have to deal with. I am happy to provide consultancy services right from the initial stages of a job to ensure you capture the right ingredients for the final image. Sometimes it's easier and quicker to let me do things than to do it in camera.
  • If it is suitable for the job, I am more than happy to work 'by remote' and proof the initial stages of an image over the internet before a final hard-copy. Just upload your image to my server and I will let you know when you can retrieve it again.
  • Naturally my workflow is fully colour-managed. If required I will work in any colourspace you can provide profiles for.
  • With more and more photographers shooting digitally, I do not provide an in-house scanning service. I would rather outsource scanning to specialists and use the appropriate people for the job in hand.
  • I am more than happy to spend time experimenting with various techniques. Many times I have helped photographers achieve their style through digital manipulation.




I charge appropriately for the job. If you talk sense, I'll listen...! I compete on my commitment to the final image, not on price, but I am flexible with regular clients.  



I am located north of London, one hour away on the M40. Soon to have a central London office.I travel to central London numerous times a week.

My work has been used by numerous brands including:

  • Speedo (advertising)
  • Dunhill (catalogues/advertising)
  • Clarks Shoes (advertising)
  • Carvela Shoes (advertising)
  • Ellesse (advertising)
  • Sunday Times (editorial)
  • GQ (editorial)
  • German Vogue (editorial)
  • Etc etc...